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    Europe’s Best Countries: #5 – #1

    It’s here! Welcome to the third and final part of my countdown of Europe’s best countries. After revealing numbers 20-11 and the first half of the top ten, it’s time for the top…

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    Europe’s Best Countries: #10 – #6

    Welcome to part two of the journey across Europe. In this article, we’ll visit the the East, the West, and the Mediterranean as I reveal the first five countries in my top ten…

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    Gallery: 50 Countries, 50 Pictures

    In celebration of the twenty best countries in Europe series, I’ve put together a collection of my most treasured travel photographs just for you. Each of the fifty European countries are represented here, in…

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    12 Types of people you meet at the airport

    Airports are probably the most wonderful places in the world to people watch. No matter how carefully we plan or convince ourselves that it’ll be hit or miss whether we make it onto the plane,…