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Hello there, and welcome to my blog!

If you’ve made it this far, I imagine you fit into one of the following categories;

  • I know you and you’ve been pestered to take a look
  • you’ve stumbled upon the page through some extreme stalking and/or an obscure post on twitter which found itself on your timeline
  • you’ve been guided here from looking at my CV (this is the best one)

Whichever way, please do take a look around and tell me what you think. Being a human being with the ability to feel emotions, I do very much enjoy praise and kinds words. Conversely, being a human being with the ability to realise I live in the real world, I’m also well-adapted to accepting criticism and the occasional splatter of trolling.

If you’re wondering what the blog is about and why it’s here, then hold on to your iPads, get that scroll action going, and I’ll tell you a story. The main inspiration comes from a real heroin and warrior of life, Dame Carrie Bradshaw. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of being Carrie Bradshaw, and I’m totally being serious. There’s something quite powerful about re-watching episodes of Sex and the City and seeing her type out those thought-provoking questions about life, and love, and all that’s in between and thinking ‘YES, I OFTEN THINK THIS TOO, YOU ARE SO CLEVER AND PRETTY’.


For that split second, I get this calming wave of reassurance wash over me that everything will be alright because Carrie is going to tell me how to deal with this problem that I will undoubtedly face at some point. That’s when I crash back down to reality and realise that I am not actually a handsomely-paid editor for the New York Star, and am instead sitting on the sofa wearing my Pizza Express t-shirt armed with a bag of Monster Munch and the scant remains of a sharing block of Dairy Milk. After a careful analysis of this situation, and a little encouragement from my all-time favourite lecturer from university, I realised that to be Carrie, I must being to blog like Carrie. And now I know that one day, I will end up living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a rent-controlled apartment that I sit around in smoking cigarettes and reading magazines all day, and it will all be thanks to this blog: the blog of the twenty-something Scouser.

I’ve went ahead with the tagline of ‘The Twenty-Something Scouser’ because I feel like that is a great way of describing myself – it’s the introduction to me, if you like. I suppose there are many other words and phrases that people would use to describe me, and some would be more apt than others. Whilst I did toy with the idea of just writing ‘cock’ underneath the site’s logo, I felt it was a little too general and I could have found myself being confused with other people. So for the sake of branding, and indeed neutrality, The Twenty-Something Scouser was the winner. It’s also flexible in that when I hit thirty, I can still just write under this pseudonym and nobody will ever know. By creating this blog, I can never age.

So that’s pretty much it. With the formalities and intros out of the way, we can now enter the exciting, exhilarating, and enchanting world of blogging. Words will be written, photos will be photographed, memes will be memed, and we’ll all have a great time.

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